Message from the Director

A Message From the Director (from the 2017 Annual Report)

Prof Dempstwer introducing NASA JPL’s Brian Muirhead at the 2016 OEMF Public Lecture on NASA’s Asteroid Redirect Mission. Clancy Auditorium, 3 November 2015

This is the seventh Australian Centre for Space Engineering Research (ACSER) annual report, covering our seventh full calendar year of operation, 2017. In so many ways, 2017 was a spectacular year for ACSER, with significant success across the full range of our activities.

The year began with us awaiting the launch of our two QB50 satellites, UNSW-EC0 and INSIPRE 2, as well as the first Biarri cubesat carrying our Namuru GPS receiver. The year ended with all three in orbit and operating, in addition to a further Kea GPS receiver in orbit on the Buccaneer cubesat.

The launch of our QB50 and Biarri cubesats to the International Space Station coincided with the Second Cubesat (Launching Cubesats for and from Australia) Workshop, which showcased the extremely rapid progress Australia is making in this field.

Our three ongoing ARC-funded projects, Linkage “Protecting Critical Transport Infrastructure using Hybrid Approaches for Interference and Spoofer Detection and Localisation”, Linkage “Rapid Recovery from Radiation-induced Errors in Reconfigurable Hardware” and Discovery “Designing Radiation-Tolerant Reconfigurable Systems for Space”, all made good progress.

Significant new funding was earned via the ARC Training Centre for Cubesats, UAVs and their Applications, and Defence Materials and Technology Centre (DMTC) support for “UAV Reflectometry”.

The third Off-Earth Mining Forum again attracted high-quality speakers, and was a high-profile lead-in event for the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Adelaide. Off-Earth Mining continued to attract strong PhD candidates and the research goes from strength to strength.

We remain for the moment in the Material Science building and expect the lab to be ready for us again in 2018, with us returning to our own offices in EET in 2019.

Professor Andrew Dempster
Director, Australian Centre for Space Engineering Research