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Off-earth Mining: The research questions

22nd July 2014
Old Main Building, Room 51
UNSW Kensington Campus

The aim of this event is to identify researchers in cross-disciplinary fields who might be interested in engaging in the very broad issues relating to off-earth mining.

SEMINAR: Space research - Science, engineering and beyond
Professor Russell Boyce
Chair for Space Engineering, UNSW Canberra
Chairman, National Committee for Space and Radio Science

Date TBC
Room G3, Electrical Engineering Building
UNSW Kensington Campus

All welcome, no RSVP required.

UNSW Canberra has recognised the strategic opportunity presented by space, and has embarked on building space into a key research strength - not just from a science and engineering angle but also from the broader perspective that ties technical capability with social, economic, strategic and legal needs, opportunities and implications.

Why the big deal? Space for Australia is a very pragmatic, important issue. It’s not about human spaceflight, nor development of spaceports. Rather, it’s about having a role in ensuring access to certain space-based technologies upon which our national wellbeing and security depend. It’s about safeguarding against our vulnerability to the fragility of the space environment - space is increasingly cluttered, and space debris and space weather pose serious challenges to satellite services. And it’s about Australia maintaining influence in the international space arena on issues such as the peaceful (or otherwise) use of space.

There are exciting opportunities for space research and activity at UNSW Canberra, in all of these areas. This seminar will provide insight into various elements of them, both technical and non-technical, and is intended to kick off an ongoing space conversation to underpin the contribution by UNSW Canberra of thought leadership and strategic vision for Australia’s evolving space journey.

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13th Australian Space Science Conference (ASSC)

October 2013

ACSER assisted in organising the 13th Australian Space Science Conference (ASSC), held in Sydney at the University of NSW. This was the seventh ASSC jointly sponsored and organised by the National Committee for Space and Radio Science (NCSS) and the National Space Society of Australia (NSSA), with the support of the Australian Space Research Institute (ASRI). The ASSC is intended to be the primary annual meeting for Australian research relating to space science. It welcomes space scientists, engineers, educators, and workers in Industry and Government.

The scope of the conference covers fundamental and applied research that applies to space technologies, and includes the following:

  • Space science, including space and atmospheric physics, Earth observation and remote sensing from/of space, planetary sciences, astrobiology and life sciences, and space-based astronomy and astrophysics.
  • Space engineering and technology, including communications, navigation, space operations, propulsion, and spacecraft design, testing, and implementation.
  • Space industry
  • Space archaeology
  • Current and future Australian space projects
  • Government, international relations and law
  • Education and outreach, including a dedicated student session.

For more information please visit the 13th Australian Space Science Conference (ASSC) website.

Thomas Cooney has been awarded 2012 VSSEC-NASA Australian Space Prize

May 2013

ACSER's Thomas Cooney has been awarded the 2012 VSSEC-NASA Australian Space Prize, and will be attending the NASA Aeronautics Academy at Ames from the 17th June to the 23rd August this year.

The prize, run by the Victorian Space Science Education Centre, offers an Australian university student the opportunity to attend the NASA Academy programs at NASA Ames Research Centre, and work with a lead scientist or engineer on a current NASA project. The NASA Academy is an intensive, select-entry program that provides recent graduates with access to advanced science and engineering R&D, and an awareness of the complex managerial, political, financial, social, and human issues faced by the current and future aerospace programs.

Thomas' entry was judged on his 4th Year Honours Thesis entitled: "Electronics for L-Band Synthetic Aperture Phased Array Radar" completed at the School of Electrical Engineering at UNSW under Dr Torsten Lehmann as part of the Garada Project at the Australian Centre for Space Engineering Research (ACSER), also at UNSW. After being selected as the "Data Processing and Electronics" category winner, an application was made directly to NASA along with 3 other category winners.

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