Madeleine Sabordo, PhD Candidate


Madeleine G. Sabordo received the Bachelor's degree in Computer Systems Engineering and the Master's degree in Defence Signal Information Processing both from the University of Adelaide, Australia in 2004 and 2009, respectively.

She had worked in the Aerospace Division of Tenix Defence and Electronic Warfare Business Unit of BAE Systems before joining the Defence Science and Technology Group of the Australian Department of Defence. There, she worked in the area of target tracking and multisensor fusion within the National Security, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Division before transferring to the Air Division where she worked on air operations research. She had also worked for Lockheed Martin Australia as a Senior Systems Engineer.

Madeleine is currently a PhD candidate with the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia where she was awarded the Australian Postgraduate Award and the Engineering Research Award.


Research Profile 

Madeleine's research interests include target tracking, information fusion, signal processing, estimation and filtering. Her PhD research is focussed on moving target detection and tracking using radar in heterogeneous clutter.



Madeleine Sabordo
Postgraduate Research Student
Australian Center for Space Engineering Research
School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications
Kensington Campus, Building G17
The University of New South Wales