ACSER Staff & Students

Faculty Staff

  • Prof Andrew Dempster
    - Director of ACSER
    - Professor in the School of
    Electrical Engineering and


  • Cheryl Brown,
    Operations Coordinator

Visiting Staff

  • Dr Wenfei Guo, Visiting Academic

Research Staff

Affiliated Faculty Staff

  • Prof Chris Rizos (CVEN)
  • Dr Craig Roberts (CVEN)
  • Prof Serkan Saydam (MINE)
  • Dr Nathan Kinkaid (MECH)
  • Dr Naomi Tsafnat (MECH)
  • Mr John Page (MECH)
  • Dr John Olsen (MECH)
  • Dr Garth Pearce (MECH)
  • A/Prof Oliver Diessel (CSE)


Research Students 

  • Ahmed Afifi (ELEC)
  • Nicholas Bennett (ELEC)
  • Damon Ellender (ELEC)
  • Noor Taofiq Huq (ELEC)
  • Arunkumar Rathinam (ELEC)
  • Elizabeth Smith (ELEC)
  • Ben Southwell (ELEC)
  • Ruida Xie (ELEC)
  • Scott Dorrington (MECH)
  • William Crowe (MECH)
  • Sharmila Kayastha (MECH)
  • Sophia Casanova (MINE)
  • Michael Dello-Iacovo (MINE)
  • Jessia Dallas (MINE)
  • Tim Pelech (MINE)
  • James Bevington (CHEM ENG)

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Associate Professor & Research Director
Mining Engineering
Contact details:
+61 2 9385 4525
+61 2 9313 7269

Room 159, 1st Floor, Old Main Building, Kensington, 2052, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Benjamin Southwell
PhD Candidate
Australian Centre for Space Engineering Research, UNSW Sydney
Contact details:
School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
Contact details: