Nathan Kinkaid

School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
Contact details:
(02) 9385 4180
(02) 9663 1222

Ainsworth Building (Mechanical Engineering, Building J17) Level 5, Kensington Campus

Lecturer in the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Research interests

Level 1: I investigate the interaction of motion and forces in mechanical systems

Level 2: I develop theoretical and computational models to explain the nonlinear dynamics and vibration of mechanical systems, with a keen interest in spaceborne systems

Level 3: Combining modal analysis and adaptive filtering we were able to detect delamination damage in simple composite structures without a priori models of the structures


Lectures/Courses taught

MMAN1300 Engineering Mechanics 1

MMAN2300 Engineering Mechanics 2

MECH4305 Fundamental and Advanced Vibration Analysis

AERO4500 Spacecraft Engineering



Number currently in lab: 2

Student Projects:

Control of Satellites for On-Orbit Assembly

Simulation of Off-Earth Mining


Looking for students for projects related to:

Structural Dynamics of Self-Assembling Satellites

Astrodynamics of Off-Earth Mining

Dynamic Modelling of Bicycles



PhD from the University of California, Berkeley

BS from Iowa State University