The 2016 UNSW-EC0 Technical Team


The development of the UNSW-EC0 cubesat is a joint effort by a team of UNSW undergraduate students, postgraduate students, affiliates and staff.


Technical Supervisory Board

  • Dr. Barnaby Osborne
  • Dr. Joon Wayn Cheong (VK2ECO)


Main subsystems

Flight Software

  • (Lead) John Chung Lam
  • William Andrews
  • Alex Kroh
  • Benjamin Southwell
  • Shannon Green


  • (Lead) Tom Croston
  • William Huynh
  • John Chung Lam
  • William Andrews

Attitude Determination and Control

  • (Lead) Benjamin Southwell
  • Tim Broadbent
  • James Bultitude
  • Yiwei Han


  • (Lead) Luyang Li

UNSW Auxillary Board (EAUX)

  • (Lead) John Chung Lam
  • William Andrews


Ion and Neutral-mass Spectrometer (INMS) Payload

  • Daniel Sheratt
  • Dr. Joon Wayn Cheong (VK2ECO)
  • Tom Croston

GPS Payload

  • Dr. Joon Wayn Cheong (VK2ECO)
  • Dr. Eamonn Glennon

RUSH Payload

  • Dr Ediz Cetin
  • A/Prof Oliver Diessel
  • Thomas Fisk
  • William Andrew

SeL4 Payload

  • Alex Kroh


Ground Segment Support

  • Cameron Mckay (VK2CKP)
  • Luyang Li
  • Tom Dixon



  • Jannick Habets
  • Jiro Funamoto