ACSER SEMINAR: Quberider - Inspiring students through space

Solange Cunin of Quberider
24 August 2016 - 1:00pm
Seminar Room G3, Electrical Engineering Building (map G17), UNSW Kensington


QUBERIDER: Inspiring students through space

A passionate advocate with a mission to drive student engagement with science and technology, Solange Cunin is the founder and CEO of Australian startup Quberider. Soon to graduate from the University of New South Wales with a Bachelors in Mathematics and Aerospace Engineering, Solange already boasts both space industry and startup experience and has designed satellite system for major Australian universities. Solange believes that it is important for the world to focus on engaging the population with science and technology. Quberider both inspires and educates students in science and technology through access to space.