ACSER RESEARCH SEMINAR: Swarming Past Asteroids

12 October 2016 - 1:00pm
Seminar Room G3, Electrical Engineering Building (map G17), UNSW Kensington

Moving near an asteroid is dangerous, especially when you don't want to break your half billion dollar spacecraft. Using a swarm of small and cheap nanosats removes the pressure of keeping a single spacecraft operating nominally, but they don't have the same capabilities. This talk will cover some of the ways that a swarm of less able spacecraft can work together to do a better job of the bigger spacecraft that have been in use for decades.

William Crowe is a PhD candidate working on the topic of spacecraft swarms to characterise asteroids. He has won several prizes during his candidature, including the global 2015 Move an Asteroid competition and best science experiment in the 2014 Global Space Balloon Challenge. His other research interests include very cheap space exploration missions, high altitude balloons and building a new space economy.