SIAA Space Industry Forum - The Moon Treaty - what does it mean for the Australian Space Industry?

7 February 2019 - 5:00pm
Level 1 Electrical Engineering Building (Building G17) UNSW Kensington Campus

Join our panel of Moon Treaty experts as we discuss this agreement - a UN space treaty that prohibits private ownership of extra-terrestrial property and requires an international regime for the safe and orderly development and management of the resources and sharing of the benefits. Although Australia signed this treaty, not all countries have done so – what does this mean for the Australian Space Industry going forward? Join us as we explore this fascinating topic further.

Hosted by the UNSW and the SIAA, and moderated by Mr Michael Davis, our panel is comprised of some of the foremost experts on this topic in Australia:

·         Mr William (Bill) Barrett, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific Aerospace Consultants (APAC)

·         Mr Duncan Blake, Space Law expert and SIAA Advisory Council

·         Professor Steven Freeland, Dean School of Law, Western Sydney University

·         Professor Serkan Saydam, Mining Expert, UNSW

·         The Hon Chris Schact, Senator and Commonwealth Minister

·         Ms Alex Seneta, Executive Director, Regulation and International Obligations, Australian Space Agency

This event is free, but registration is essential - please register here.