CUBESAT2021: Cubesat Innovation Workshop

Cubesats being released from the Nanoracks launcher aboard the ISS
13 May 2021 - 1:00pm to 5:00pm
Room 102, Level 1, Electrical Engineering Building (G17), UNSW Sydney

After our brief webinar series in 2020, we are pleased to be back in 2021 with our 5th cubesat innovation workshop, albeit with a slightly pared back format. This year, in a half-day format and offered in hybrid mode, we will bring to you the highlights of most of the major cubesat projects currently being undertaken in Australia, followed by a spirited interactive panel discussion. 

This event will be preceeded by a SmartSat CRC NSW Node workshop requiring a separate registration, click here for more info.


Arvind Ramana
Earth Observation
Space Technology & Advanced Communications
Office of the Chief Technical Officer
Australian Space Agency


  • CUAVA, Sydney University
  • SpIRIT Project, Melbourne Space Laboratory
  • Binar, SSTC Curtin University
  • Buccaneer, DST Group


Moderated by Dr Joon Wayn Cheong

  • Arvind Ramana, Australian Space Agency
  • Iain Cartwright, Myriota
  • Tim Parson, NSW SmartSat CRC Node
  • Julia Mitchell, SITAEL Australia
  • Daria Stepanova, German Orbital Systems
  • Barnaby Osborne, ESA Small Satellite Technology Coordinator


We welcome all innovators across industry, academia, entrpreneurs and students to attend. 

We strongly encourage those who are able to, to attend in person (covid restrictions pending) however an online Zoom option will be made available. Please note that no recordings of this event will be published due to the sensitive and/or proprietary information being presented.

Check out the proceedings from the previous Cubesat Innovation Workshops:

Special Event for NSW

We will be hosting a special forum with the SmartsatCRC NSW node on the morning of 13th May, immediately preceeding the cubesat workshop.

Click here for more information!


This event is run with the support of a Conference Sponsorship Program grant from the NSW Government Office of the Chief Scientist & Engineer.

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