The Australian Centre for Space Engineering Research aims to develop space capabilities relevant to Australia's needs through research, innovation and education. Our goals in education are to raise awareness of issues and developments in space and educate a new generation of space professionals.

As a part of UNSW Australia we are able to offer educational opportunities at all levels of tertiary education; from undergraduate and postgraduate coursework to higher degree research. 


The Master of Engineering Science in Satellite Systems Engineering provides graduate students with the opportunity to train for a career in the space industry... Find out more
The Australian Centre for Space Engineering Research (ACSER) builds on the established UNSW strengths of Satellite systems, satellite navigation, earth observation and hypersonics, while also forging into emerging fields such as off earth mining... Find out more
QB50 satellite
Honours students have a chance to work with our researchers on projects that will be launched into space... Find out more
View from high Altitude Balloon
The BLUEsat Group is a collection of undergraduate students at UNSW Australia dedicated to creating easy-to-access space technology. The mission of the group is to take on practical space engineering projects and in doing so, give undergraduate engineering students hands-on experience on space technology... BLUEsat
ENGG1000 Off Earth Mining Task
First Year engineering students in ENGG1000 performing the off earth mining task were required to design and construct an item of mining machinery to operate on the moon or in space... Find out more