ACSER Goes to IAC2017

The ACSER IAC2017 delegation luncheoning with two friends from Optus

Last week the ACSER team travelled down to Adelaide for the 67th International Astronautical Congress. In total there were seven presentations given (a further two were accepted by withdrawn) and a total of team of eleven staff and students in attendance. We were proud to see our contributions were on display in the exhibit hall at the University of Sydney booth (INSPIRE-2 collaboration), the Canberra booth (QB50 testing at AITC) as well as number of references to our work at the CSIRO stall (Sel4 payload on UNSW-EC0 and an upcoming Cubesat sensor project). 

Some highlights:

  • QB50 drinks: Opportunity to catch up with Davide Masutti (head of the QB50 project) as well as many of the other international QB50 teams and contributors in a face-to-face capacity
  • Fleet Space launch party at their new warehouse: After a ministerial address, Fleet CEO Flavia Tata Nardini gave a run down of her vision for Fleet's Internet of Things 
  • Sophia Casanova participating in a Global Networking Forum panel on Off Earth Mining (Thursday, 10:30am, Hall C/D)
  • Catching up with our NZ counterparts from Rocketlab and University of Auckland
  • Further talks with Gilmour Space to consolidate collaborations already in the works
  • EC0/INSPIRE (working) lunch 
  • Invitations extended from an old colleage now working for Planet Labs to come and visit their San Francisco offices next time we're in town
  • Cuddles with a baby hairy nosed wombat at the COSPAR2020 stall
  • ...and of course the announcement of an Australian Space Agency after years of campaigning by our own Director, Prof Andrew Dempster!