GNSS signal interference detection and localisation

Supervisor Name/s: 
Dr Joon Wayn Cheong
Research field/s: 
Satellite Systems, Navigation, Signal Processing
GNSS Signal Interference

ACSER have an active research topics on GNSS signal interference detection and localisation in collaboration with a local engineering company. We can also conduct real-life field experiments using multiple synchronised and calibrated phased array nodes. GNSS interference types can be anything ranging from CW, narrowband, wideband, swept FM and spoofing.

Few examples of the many topics that we have ready facilities, data and code for a PhD student to working this topic are:

  1. Source localisation based on Space-time processing using Direct Position Determination method for Mixed Signal (Narrowband/Wideband) Scenarios. This is an expansion of existing work 
  2. Suppressing background GNSS signals using collaborative methods between multiple phased arrays to improve SNR and localisation accuracy of interference signals .
  3. Continuous calibration of phased array in GNSS band while under effects of interference for a moving sensor node.