Rarefied Hypersonic Separated Flows

Supervisor Name/s: 
Assoc. Prof Sudhir Gai
Research field/s: 
Hypersonic Vehicles

This project will be of interest to those who wish to engage in Space Science, particularly hypersonic research. The selected candidate will work on an ARC funded project exploring "Flow Separation Phenomena" which are critical in the design of spacecraft when they enter /re-enter Earth or planetary atmospheres. Under these conditions, the spacecraft experiences severe aerodynamic and heat loads when flow separation occurs on the vehicle surface. The object is to understand such phenomena so that efficient designs can be implemented. This research will be mainly computational and analytical with opportunity to compare the results with experiments being conducted simultaneously in our shock tunnel laboratory at UNSW Canberra. This PhD student will undertake this work in the high-speed fluids research group within the School of Engineering and Information Technology at UNSW Canberra. This group performs internationally recognised research in hypersonic aerothermodynamics and gas turbine, rocket and scramjet propulsion systems and the development of associated experimental, diagnostic and simulation techniques. The academics and research students in the group also work closely with their colleagues at UNSW Canberra on the analysis and development of space-based systems.