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20 September 2017
9.00am to 5.00pm
29 March 2017

Dr Elias Aboutanios was successful in securing EUR 300K for a project on... read more

2 February 2017

ACSER, in conjunction with the UNSW SNAP Lab (Satellite Navigation and Positioning), ran the hugely successful IGNSS2016 conference last December.

HEO Robotics Team
30 November 2016

(Originally posted on 8 November to UNSW Mechanical Engineering News)


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Aussie satellites to launch from International Space Station

Three Australian research satellites – two of them built at UNSW – will be launched to the International Space Station this year and deployed into orbit to explore the little-understood region above Earth known as the thermosphere.

The trio are part of an international project known as QB50, which will see a total of 50 small satellites – known as cubesats and weighing just a kilo each – carry out the most extensive measurements ever undertaken of the region between 200 and 380 km above Earth.     More...


We're not the only UNSW people interested in Space! Check out our UNSW colleagues also exploring the universe:

Sydney SpaceNet

Our friends and colleagues over at Sydney University's SpaceNet also share our passions - "Sydney SpaceNet is a collaborative project intended to link, extend and leverage the University's existing multi-disciplinary capabilities into a premier Australian university space research program"