Warrawal - A Comprehensive Tertiary Education Program in Satellite Systems Engineering

The Australian Space Research Program is a government initiative that aims to develop Australia's niche space capabilities by funding relevant research and education programs. The Australian Centre for Space Engineering Research (ACSER) at the University of New South Wales led a consortium comprising Thales, Optus , and ISAE in securing funding of $675,153 to establish Australia's first comprehensive masters program in satellite systems engineering as announced by Innovation Minister Senator Kim Carr on 17th June 2011.

The Project will develop and deliver a comprehensive, sustainable tertiary education program in satellite systems engineering comprising a two-year master's qualification. The developed program will be optimised for Australia's strategic and commercial interests and deliver a "systems-wide" understanding of satellite systems and their application, from the space segment, to the ground operations, and the end users. International and local industry internships and student exchanges will be incorporated into the program to enhance the skills of graduates.

The Warrawal project will also drive the BLUEsat project to completion and establish a follow-on project that will be evolved into a national Satellite Payload Competition.

For mnore information about the Warrawal Project please visit the project website.