UNSW-EC0 Live Tracking

Amatuer Radio Information

To tune in to our satellite's telemetry beacon:

Modulation: FM-modulated GMSK @ 4k8 baud
Packet format: CSP
Carrier-Frequency: 436.525 MHz
Packet periodicity: 30 s
NORAD Catalogue ID: 42723

Decoder software can be found here:



Live Tracking of our satellite:



20170618: Comms have been estabilshed with UNSW EC0

20170525 16:25:00 AEST: EC0 has been deployed from the International Space Station Nanoracks deployer. Watch the footage below (EC0 is the last of the 3 to be ejected):

20170524: EC0 is onboard the International Space Station awaiting deployment.

20170419: EC0 has been launched in a Cygnus capsule onboard an Atlas V rocket to the International Space Station. Rendezvous is expected in around 4-5 days.